History of Judd Construction

Judd Construction is based in Draper, Utah and has been in business for over 20 years. During this time we have successfully completed projects throughout the Intermountain West, California, and Nevada. We are a local firm that takes pride in our ability to complete projects on time and under budget. Our company employs only the highest qualified and licensed professionals with decades of industry experience, resulting in satisfied, lifelong customers. We are proud of Judd Construction’s history of generating a large majority of sales from repeat business. Over the years, our success has allowed us to evolve into a construction firm that enjoys a strong reputation of experience and quality craftsmanship in the region, and a respected leader in the field.

About us



Our client reviews and organizational performance scores consistently measure between Very Good and Excellent, the highest available. This is achieved by continually adapting to the ever-changing technology and building methods of the industry, developing strong working relationships with all individuals and groups associated, regularly assessing progress in all areas to stay on or ahead of schedule, and utilizing the combined experience of over 70 years in the design and construction industry. This multi-tiered approach and expertise allows us to consistently execute the highest quality results within a specified budget and strictly allotted timeframe.


Our team realizes that effectively directing and coordinating human and material resources during the project is a highly coordinated effort requiring constant adaptation. Using modern management techniques and a strong sense of project cohesiveness, we are able to work with subcontractors to achieve objectives of scope, cost, time, quality, and participant satisfaction.

Our Management Approach

We Keep A Tight Schedule

We know that time is money, and that staying on schedule is vital to the success of all parties involved. As such, we engage in a rigorous screening of all potential subcontractors, allowing us to verify that each individual on a Judd project has a proven track record of timeliness. As an added measure, we put in place a contract that requires working overtime until the project is brought back to schedule and delivered on or before the completion date.

We Keep Changes To A Minimum

In order to maintain our strong track record of timeliness and staying within budget limitations, we conduct a full review of all available architectural plans prior to beginning the project. This helps us identify any areas that have not been addressed, and work effectively with university personnel to ensure that any modifications to existing plans are in harmony with the stated objectives of the project.

Our Bids Are Accurate, and Here’s Why

Judd Construction has been involved in renovation, remodeling and Tenant Improvement for nearly 40 years, and has the ability to, prior to beginning work, identify areas of potential problems such as long lead items, staging and other general conditions that are incorporated into each bid we prepare. While we are not always the low bidder on projects, all projects that we bid are accurate for our business model, and represent the best combination of value, timeliness, and quality.

Site Security & Safety is a Top Priority

When necessary, proper signage will direct authorized individuals needing to negotiate the project area. This will establish appropriate pedestrian patterns within the site, and facilitate public safety for pedestrians near the work area. Access to the construction area will be restricted, and when possible kept locked during times when the site is vacant. Appropriate personnel will be given access in case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances.

Our Planning Process Saves You Time and Money

Our proposed staging area will allow us to properly position and transport materials within the shortest distance possible. It will be critical for everyone involved in this project to carefully review Site Impact Proposals and understand all points of access, staging and lay down. Though our safety record and site planning experience is well established, we understand that each project carries it’s own unique kind of risk, complexity and logistical challenges. Thus it will be necessary to pinpoint the best way to isolate our presence exclusively to the project and not infringe or impact the surrounding buildings.


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